WonderCon 2014: The Maze Runner Cast & Crew Answer Fan Questions


When I tweeted that I was interviewing the stars, author and director of The Maze Runner movie at WonderCon, I got a lot of readers and fans tweeting me questions to ask them. It was a great way for me to approach The Maze Runner from a different perspective, especially since I hadn’t read the book. “Teen Wolf”‘s Dylan O’Brien plays Thomas, a teenager who wakes up in The Glade with no memory, and has to figure out how to escape a maze that keeps changing. Will Poulter plays Gally and Wes Ball directs the film of James Dashner’s book. I spoke with the four at WonderCon, with screenwriter T.S. Nowlin sitting on the side, and we got really specific. Spoiler alert for people who haven’t read the books yet, but especially the second question is something every reader asked. Even though I put [SPOILER] in place of all the specifics, you could still figure it out, but if you read my Twitter feed you’d see all the readers asking already.

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